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Suriyaraja Siddha Health Care & Hospital

( Manufacturers of Siddha and Auyurvedha Medicnes & Research Center )

Siddha system is a unique system found and practiced by 18 siddhar's of tamilnadu siddha phylosopy consists siddha medicines practising yoga and meditation. siddha medicines leads to longlivity and deathlessness (Oneness with almighty - SIVA) ie living for ever as long as they wish.

  • Moolavargam - Plants - Herbals
  • Thadhuvargam - All minerals, mettals, navapasanam, nava logam and nava rathinam - gems stones.
  • Jeeva vargam - parts and particular of living beings
Siddharkal found the medicinal values and properties of plants by doing deep meditation becoming oneness with each plants and bring out their properties and need for preparing medicines and created good idea's by using hers mercury, red mercury, sulphur, red sulphur and nava pasanas. Our chairman of this company practising yoga meditation since 1999 swami vethathri maharishi as guru while practising meditation he got to blessings siddhars and also knowledge and information on siddha medicines and siddha phylosophy from them with gods grace great Gurujis in siddha Tiruppathur - Perampattu krishnan Iyya, Erode muthusamy Iyya and karur subbarayan Iyya being masters and gave practical training in siddha medicines manufacturing and treatment by very easy and simple methods medicines and manthras for teating snake bites and all poisoness bite.  Read More