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Athimadhuram Health Benefits




This is the information on Tamil Athimadhuram medicinal properties and benefits. Athimadhuram or generally known as Liquorice or Mulethi, is rich with many health benefits. Athimadhuram ayurvedic medicines are very useful in disease curing. There is no significant athimadhuram side effects found in patients. Athimadhuram plant root has many medicinal uses. Ayurveda uses roots of athimadhuram plant for treatment of various stomach problems like indigestion, acidity and stomach pain etc. The tea prepared with athimadhuram is very beneficial in curing chronic cough. The sweet taste of the herb, athimadhuram is liked by children and thus it is useful in treating cough and cold for children. Less than 5 gm of liquorice roots can be used in preparation of one cup of tea. The anti inflammatory and antispasmodic properties of athimadhuram herb are best in treatment of pain and cramps in menstrual period. Roots of liquorice work as mild laxative and thus it is useful in the condition of constipation. Consume liquorice tea daily for 4 days and get rid of the problem of constipation. Anti inflammatory properties of liquorice are useful in reducing arthritis pain effectively. Those who are suffering from arthritis can consume liquorice tea for some days. Patients of blurred or less vision are advised to use athimadhuram as a treatment for their problem. Athimadhuram tea is very effective in treating asthma and other respiratory problems effectively. Sore throat or throat irritation can be easily relieved with the consumption of athimadhuram. Liquorice roots contain Glycyrrhizin acid which reduces the depression and nervousness or anxiety successfully. Consume liquorice tea two times a day to keep away the depression. Liquorice root is useful in regulating body metabolism rate and lowering bad cholesterol from body as it improves bile acid flow in body. Antioxidant and phytoestrogenic property of the herb helps as a remedy to deal with the symptoms of menopause. Fever and related headache can be treated with the help of powder or tea of liquorice. Chew or suck the root of athimadhuram to get rid of bad breath instantly. Generally menopause causes hormonal imbalance and estrogens like properties of this herb can solve this problem efficiently. The herb is rich with antioxidants which can improve our immunity power to fight against muscle and joint pain.